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Friday, January 24, 2020

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Caregiving and Health Related Articles

Image: Signs of a Heart Attack in Older Adults

We often think of a heart attack occurring like it does in the movies. The victim will suddenly grab his chest, fall to the floor, proclaims “I am having a heart attack,” and passes out cold.   Read More...

Image: How to Have a Healthy Heart - The AHA's "Simple 7"

Want to reduce your risk of death from cardiovascular diseases and stoke? A few years ago, the American Heart Association (AHA) launched a program known as “Life’s Simple 7.” Their goal is to improve the cardiovascular health of all American by 20% while reducing deaths from cardiovascular disease and stroke by 20% - all by the year 2020. To achieve this goal, their program aims to help people identify and adopt healthier lifestyle choices.   Read More...

Image: Chocolate Can Be Good For You

In August, 2011, medical researchers at the European Society of Cardiology announced that chocolate consumption may be able to reduce the risk of heart disease by one third.   Read More...

Image: 5 Tips for Visiting with a Person with a Major Stroke-Induced Speech Disorder:

Aphasia is a common result of a left-hemisphere stroke, leaving a person unable to find words to accurately express thought. It can be mild to severe depending on the cause and extent of the damage to the brain. It can make communication quite challenging.   Read More...

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