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Your Body Mass Index is a calculation designed to determine the percentage of your weight that is comprised of fat.  A BMI between 20 and 25 is generally considered normal.  This is just an estimation and body types will vary. 


The calorie needs calculator is designed to allow you to enter your ideal weight and determine the number of daily calories you should eat to reach that goal.  Remember to consult a physician before beginning any diet or exercise plan - particularly if you have a chronic condition.

Weight Loss and Nutrition Websites

happy caregiver female who is of a healthy weight.

National Institutes of Health and Aging "Eating Well"

This website has articles, tips, and videos on nutrition.  Use the videos as a learning tool for you and your loved one to help encourage good eating habits.

Videos to watch with your loved one

See a variety of short videos for you and your loved one to watch together to learn about senior health.  Many of the video subjects relate to fitness and nutrition.

Helpguide:  Great General Nutrition Ariticle

This non-profit organization offers great information of a wide variety of topics.  The article on senior nutrition covers all the basics!

Free Weight Loss Program Online:

Spark People is a terrific website packed with great information, recipes, a weight loss community and diet programs - all for free.

Weight Management

man on scale Download Healthy Habits for Weight Management- An Exclusive Guide to Healthy Eating for Senior Weight Loss and Management

Elderly Nutrition

Weight Loss for Seniors - the Goal is Health

Whether for you or your loved one, weight management can be challenging.  We know that having a healthy weight is good for us, but sometimes it is hard to sort through all the information out there.  Some trendy diets that seriously limit certain types of foods can be unhealthy.  It is important to keep in mind some healthy basics when changing your eating habits.  Download our tip sheet above and remember to speak to a physician before starting any new diet - especially if you have a chronic condition or are on regular medications.

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