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caregiverWhether You're New to Family Caregiving, or have been doing it for years, SageMinder can help.

We offer:

Health Resources

Information to help you manage your role as a caregiver - while taking care of yourself.  Free forms, tip sheets, guided visualizations, etc. - Explore!



An online community of caregivers to share ideas and experiences - and offer support.  Register and participate for free!


SageMinder System

An automated monitoring service with medication reminders, check-ins, & chronic disease management programs - Easy, Affordable, and Accessible tools for empowering family caregivers and their loved ones.  Learn more.


Other Services

TrackIt is a tool for managing health habits and The Family Care Center is a private web program that allows you and your family to stay connected while offering suport for a loved one.

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The SageCorner

Author: Deah Bowes
Find passionate help and support for caregivers, as well as inexpensive and easy home
monitoring services for your aging mother, father or other loved one.

Believe it or not, if you are sitting at a desk or on the sofa for extended periods of time you are putting yourself at risk. A risk they now call “Sitting is the New Smoking”. This got my attention as I do sit at a desk all day.

My aching joints do tell me that I need to get up and stretch but what else is going on internally? The research on this subject is eye opening.

...Read More
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