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Monday, February 24, 2020

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How to Help Your Child with Substance Abuse
Categories: Caregiving Articles, Medical Issues, Prevention | Posted: 2/15/2017 | Views: 2399

When you discover that your child is involved in substance abuse, the ramifications can be huge. For many it feels like their world has stopped and they can’t help but blame themselves. This is not the answer though, here is a helpful guide of effective steps that you can take.

No one will know your child quite as well as you do, especially if you take an active role in their life. This can make you the key to identifying where the problem has started and what you can do as a solution. This could be identifying certain friends, stresses or activities that have allowed their problem to thrive. While this can be a hard conversation to initiate, many children need help to identify where they are going wrong.

As parents, we tend to feel like we can’t relate to our children from time to time, you may even feel like they ignore your advice completely. While this can be disheartening, you simply can’t give up on trying to get through to them. Therapy can be useful to help you get back to speaking to one another effectively and this can make a huge difference to their recovery.

Remember that you shouldn’t be negative to your child and should work together to find a solution. This could come in the form of a visit to a rehab center where they can undertake drug abuse recovery programs. While it may be hard for you to let your child go to a rehab center and undertake these without your supervision, those in charge can be much more knowledgeable about the support they require.

Working to help someone that you love with an addiction isn’t easy and it can cause stress to affect other aspects of your life, it can even lead to relationship problems with you and a partner. It is absolutely essential for you to take time for yourself and one another, as not doing so could lead to huge problems in your relationship further down the line. To your child, you must present a united front and work as a team to conquer the problems that they may be facing. Any sign of weakness could make your child blame themselves for these issues and be less forthcoming in future.

A kneejerk reaction to finding out about one of these problems can be to take an extreme stance. This is only natural but it’s one of the worst things you could do in this situation. You shouldn’t be punishing or locking away your child, you should be working with them on a plan to help them get better. If you punish them then you risk them turning away from you and becoming embittered about your relationship. In extreme cases this could even cause them to run away and become even more embroiled in their addiction.

Working with your child through an addiction will most likely be an incredibly emotional time. Above all, you must remain calm and never get angry with them for forces outside of their control. It can be all too easy to lash out in this case and this can destroy weeks or even months of hard work. Keep a level head and you will be a much more effective guardian, meaning an increased chance of rehabilitation for your child.


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