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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

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Managing Priorities for Working Caregivers
Categories: Caregiving Articles, Senior Care Tips, Taking Care of Yourself | Posted: 12/19/2015 | Views: 4436

Caregivers often struggle during the holidays and throughout the year with maintaining a sense of priority.  It is hard when there are so many immediate needs in front of you to know what is truly the most important to take care of.

7 Best Ways for Caregivers to Have a Happy Holiday!

By the time you are done with your “to do” list, the day is often almost over.  Then, what about caregivers who work?  This can be the most stressful situation because the demands on your time and attention can seem endless.

The most valuable thing to do in these situations is to figure out what the most valuable thing to do is! So, right now, what are your top three long term priorities?  Health, a relationship, a child, a parent, your career?  Name your top three.

Next, what are your top three tasks today that relate to those top three priorities?  Pick one and get that done today.  Then start again tomorrow.  If you get more done, great.  But, the key is to realize that you cannot do it all and in fact, should not do it all!  When you find yourself miserable at the end of a non-rewarding day, it is often because you have lost sight of what is truly important and you have spent all your time on tasks that often are irrelevant to your most cherished life goals and dreams.

Breaking down your tasks also helps.  If a top priority is to get a job, it can seem overwhelming.  But, if today, you simply focus on organizing information to write a resume, it can be possible to focus on just that task without imagining the entire process of getting a job.  Tomorrow, you can maybe shop for an interview outfit.  The idea is to break it down into manageable pieces.

There is an excellent website devoted to helping caregivers manage their lives and especially their work lives.  It is called Caregiver Harbor.  Check it out!

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Caution! You Can’t Do Everything and Be Happy



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