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Image: Caregiving During the Holidays

This is a joyous season filled with excitement and bustling activity. It is a time of indulgence, parties, abundance, gifts, spending, and fun.   But, what if you are an overwhelmed caregiver?  Times like this can be a little hard when it seems that everyone else is in holiday mode.  Like the song “Turn, Turn, Turn,” there is a season and a time for everything.  When life is less like a Hallmark movie and more like a chaotic series of chores, it can feel depressing that we are not in the groove with the spirit of the holiday season.   Read More...

Image: How are YOU doing?

As a caregiver attending to the needs of elderly or disabled loved ones, you may sacrifice your own physical and emotional needs. You can tell this is happening when feelings of exhaustion, stress, isolation, and guilt take over. All of this puts our own health at an increased risk. If you have not yet recognized these feelings, check in with yourself: Are you suffering from headaches, sleepless nights, weight gain, or depression? This emotional roller coaster can even cause excessive use of alcohol, tobacco or other drugs.   Read More...

Image: Coping with Interpersonal Stress

 “Stress Kills” was the bumper sticker from the 80s! And it is true. Some research puts it up there with smoking as a major cause of chronic and fatal diseases. While our ancestors had lions, tigers and bears to worry about, today, we often feel stressed because of other people one way or another.   Read More...

Image: Healthy Spring Meals for Seniors

Healthy, Easy Spring Recipes for Seniors

Craving something fresh, healthy and delicious?  How about these recipes that bring out the best flavors of spring vegetables and are easy to prepare?  When cooking for an elderly person, some things to keep in mind are taste, variety, ease of eating, "easy" serving temperatures, and cooking that can last a few days with great leftovers for busy caregivers and seniors who may want to spend less time in the kitchen.   Read More...

Image: Playing Your Cards Well for a Better Life

 In life, we are given a set of situations, gifts, challenges, and tasks.  Just like in cards, we have to decide how to play what we are dealt. We may get a seemingly “good” or “bad” hand – depending on your viewpoint. But, also just like cards, we have strategic choices to make our lives the best they can possibly be.   Read More...

Image: Accessory Dwellings - Multigenerational Living at its Finest

How would you like to have mom close by in her own home? This may become a serious trend as our society sees baby boomers aging. New Avenue Homes is one company that helps people design and build accessory dwellings on their property for a loved one. They have seen clients design and build accessory dwellings for numerous reasons. More and more of their clients are designing them for their aging parents or close relatives.   Read More...

Image: Tools for Medication Management

Medication Management can be one of the toughest jobs a caregiver has. Not only do you have to make sure prescriptions are filled, you have to also make sure that your loved one is actually taking them, not taking too many or not taking them at the wrong times!   Read More...

Image: Living with Dad's Vision Loss

 We could never understand the full impact of what it would be like to lose our eyesight unless it happened to us. I am beginning to understand as I watch my Dad, who is losing his sight, go through the process. He had lost the sight in his right eye many years ago and recently the other eye has begun to fail him.   Read More...

Image: Save Your Eyes with Food

Your mother may have been on the right track about carrots protecting your eyes after all. It turns out that as we age, we can develop all sorts of eye related problems – some of which may cause vision loss. As with most age-related physical problems, one way to ward off what seems like an inevitable decline is through our diets.   Read More...

Image: Vitamin D Deficiency and Seniors

 “Go outside and get some sun!” How many times have we heard this as children? It turns out that there is a great deal of wisdom to this statement! Vitamin D deficiency has become, according to some, a world-wide pandemic. There are estimates that more than 50% of elderly people are seriously deficient of this important nutrient.   Read More...

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