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Image: Accessory Dwellings - Multigenerational Living at its Finest

How would you like to have mom close by in her own home? This may become a serious trend as our society sees baby boomers aging. New Avenue Homes is one company that helps people design and build accessory dwellings on their property for a loved one. They have seen clients design and build accessory dwellings for numerous reasons. More and more of their clients are designing them for their aging parents or close relatives.   Read More...

Image: Tools for Medication Management

Medication Management can be one of the toughest jobs a caregiver has. Not only do you have to make sure prescriptions are filled, you have to also make sure that your loved one is actually taking them, not taking too many or not taking them at the wrong times!   Read More...

Image: Living with Dad's Vision Loss

 We could never understand the full impact of what it would be like to lose our eyesight unless it happened to us. I am beginning to understand as I watch my Dad, who is losing his sight, go through the process. He had lost the sight in his right eye many years ago and recently the other eye has begun to fail him.   Read More...

Image: Save Your Eyes with Food

Your mother may have been on the right track about carrots protecting your eyes after all. It turns out that as we age, we can develop all sorts of eye related problems – some of which may cause vision loss. As with most age-related physical problems, one way to ward off what seems like an inevitable decline is through our diets.   Read More...

Image: Vitamin D Deficiency and Seniors

 “Go outside and get some sun!” How many times have we heard this as children? It turns out that there is a great deal of wisdom to this statement! Vitamin D deficiency has become, according to some, a world-wide pandemic. There are estimates that more than 50% of elderly people are seriously deficient of this important nutrient.   Read More...

Image: Making the Nursing Home Decision

The decision to enter a nursing home is one of the most challenging a caregiver must face.  It is also a time of great stress often for the person entering a nursing home.   While the quality of life in nursing homes varies from place to place, hardly anyone is excited about the prospect of leaving their own home.   Read More...

Image: Is it Possible to Die of a Broken Heart?

Broken heart syndrome sounds like a myth, but it is real. Broken Heart Syndrome takes place in an older person who loses a partner after being together for a long time. Although this phenomenon has been around and "known" for centuries, studies have only recently been done.   Read More...

Image: Avoiding Senior Loneliness

People need companionship. "Older adults who maintain meaningful, satisfying relationships weather life's stressors to emerge happier, healthier and wiser than people who do not," says psychologist John Cacioppo, Director of the Center for Cognitive and Social Neuroscience at the University of Chicago, in a USA Today Article about loneliness.  People in one study, who reported feeling lonely, had a 43% increased risk of death. And elderly people are often lonely.   Read More...

Image: Signs of a Heart Attack in Older Adults

We often think of a heart attack occurring like it does in the movies. The victim will suddenly grab his chest, fall to the floor, proclaims “I am having a heart attack,” and passes out cold.   Read More...

Image: Religion and Dying

A general philosophy of life and death - and of something bigger than ourselves - will come into focus when we face the death of a loved one or our own terminal illness.   Read More...

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