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Monday, March 1, 2021
Last Post 9/19/2012 4:05 PM by Gin. 7 Replies.
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JR Posts:17
5/6/2010 11:02 AM
My friends mother wants to be taking over the counter pain medication constantly for pain in her knees. The doctor said it is arthritis. She is on a pain medication that her doctor prescribed, in which she take twice a day. The doctor said she can supplement this with over the counter medication as indicated on the bottle but she takes it more often than that and makes herself sick to her stomach. How do I control this for her yet letting her have the access she needs to it when I am not there all the time?
Flo Posts:3
6/3/2010 3:49 PM
It is , also, important that you go along with all their doctor appointments. My Great-Aunt did not fully understand all the medications and directions the doctor had given her.
There was confusion on when and how often she was to take certain meds.
I found it helpful to go along with her doctor visits. To fully understand her problems.
And , also, to ask the questions that she would not think of at the time of her visits.
It , also, helped with knowing exactly what she could eat and drink with certain meds.
I used the divided containers ,too. Every Sunday, together we would discuss her meds and she would watch me place her pills in the daily slots. Then the container was placed at her table where she could see it at breakfast, lunch and dinner. I , also, had all her meds were other family members or paid caregivers could find them.
JR Posts:17
4/4/2011 8:31 AM
I take so many pills, I had forgotten why I take some of them. I had my doctor sit down with me and it turns out I can get rid of two of these pills. A lot of elderly trust that their doctor would not have us on medications if we do not need it, but I recommend that we go over our meds on a regular basis with our doctor. I now take my pills to every visit.
Pat1 Posts:1
4/27/2011 11:12 AM
I know someone who basically went off some medications for cholesterol by just cutting dairy! He dropped his cholesterol significantly. I think it is wise to ask your doc about getting off meds if there is a way to help yourself otherwise.
Ron Posts:12
9/23/2011 3:21 PM
Who would have thought getting her to take a pill would be such a struggle? My wife can't remember to take her medication, but we don't forget the little things: like what I do wrong!
Barb Posts:11
12/12/2011 10:05 AM
What do you do when they want to take pills all the time? Mom thinks she need to be taking a pill every 5 minutes. I have a pill box for the week filled out ahead of time but am only able to leave the daily medications within her reach or she would take the whole week in one day. She just seems to have a fixation only with her pills.
mfay Posts:10
4/13/2012 10:05 AM
Love the medication reminder call. I have trouble remembering to take my new medication, which can not be taken with my other pills, so the call works great.
Gin Posts:12
9/19/2012 4:05 PM
we were having trouble with mom getting her medications taken properly during the day when she was home by herself, so I bought one of the expensive automatic dispensers. What a waste of money. I leave one set of daily pills and if she takes the afternoon ones with the morning ones then so be it. I give up.
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