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The pain is so bad
Last Post 8/28/2013 11:40 AM by Chris. 10 Replies.
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JR Posts:17
5/18/2010 2:08 PM
My wife suffers from pain constantly in her knee due to arthritis. She takes a presecription pain medication four times a day. She has gotten to the point where she does not want to do anything because she does not want to move around much. I do not understand why she seems to be in so much pain while on pain medication. I am under the impression that movement is good for arthritis but how do I get her to overcome the initial pain to get to the relief point? My encouragement just falls on deaf ears.
Ron Posts:12
7/21/2010 3:19 PM
We had something like this with my wifes mother. We knew that keeeping her active was key. We use things like her love of soft ice cream and take her out often for an ice cream cone. (We get out of the car and walk to a picnic table to eat our treats) She never refuses. Also for indoor activities we get her interested in putting jigsaw puzzles together, chair exercise video, anything we can think of to keep her interest and moving.
Vio Posts:11
3/11/2011 4:19 PM
My grandmother has had pain in her knee for years. She is considering knee replacement. The doctor did manage to control the pain with medication and shots into the knee for a while but that does not seem to do much good anymore.
Sam Posts:18
3/31/2011 9:01 AM
She does need to keep that knee exercised. Just sitting in her chair and moving her leg up and down can help. Start out small and build up. Maybe she can time it so that she does these exercises right after he pain medication is taken. I have joint pain in my fingers and the more I flex them the less they bother me.
kblackthorne Posts:4
8/3/2011 1:37 PM
If you can get her access to an indoor heated pool....

Water-walking (walking 'laps' in a pool of warm water) is wonderful for knee-pain. Some days when I could literally barely walk for the knee-pain, I'd come out of an hour of water-walking with both less pain and increased knee-mobility.

Time in a hottub may also help with the pain enough to allow some increased exercise.

Even simple leg-lifts, while sitting on the edge of the bed, are better than nothing.

I sympathize very personally with your wife's pain, as I'm still seeking treatment for mine. I wish you both the best.
brummer Posts:4
8/5/2011 1:11 AM
My husband has used Capsacian cream which you can buy at a pharmacy without prescription to help relief pain in his hip at times. It's a topical analgesic- just rub it into the painful joint or area. He has thought it to be quite helpful for a while. IIt's hard to get across how moving will help the pain. I totally understand your frustration with it. You just do the best you can.
mfay Posts:10
12/22/2011 3:13 PM
thought I was to young to feel arthritis pain, but when my fingers started hurting the doctor said rheumatoid arthritis. the more I keep my hands busy the better they feel. I have to take aleve on some days.
DD Posts:14
5/7/2012 3:52 PM
my hand, knees and feet are constantly hurting with arthritis pain. In addition to the pain medication someone told me to try Cherry juice. so bottoms up. I'll see how it goes.
Dave Posts:4
9/13/2012 4:08 PM
Mom suffered so much with pain in her knee. It seemed she was always taking pills for pain. Even after taking prescription medication. I think her taking so much was hard on her kidneys because that it was caused her death at 88. Kidney failure.
Vio Posts:11
12/11/2012 4:01 PM
Mom has begun to suffer the pain of arthritis in her knees. She refuses to be less active because of it, infact she says she needs to be more active. She also tries to maintain a diet that is good for inflamation. I do think her game plan is working.
Chris Posts:14
8/28/2013 11:40 AM
My friend, who is only 50 years old, was diagnosed 5 years ago with artiritis in her hip. She deteriorated so badly that she recently had a hip replacement.They told her that genetics could have played a part in her arthritis. I recently read an article that said broccoli could trump arthritis. I'm eating a lot of broccoli these days.
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