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Senior Call Services

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Senior Check In Care Calls

Care Calls are an affordable way to improve the regularity with which you check in on your loved one.  This automated service offers reassurance to the elderly person at home and peace of mind to the family caregiver every day.  From $16.95/Month!  You can set up Care Calls today online!

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Senior getting a call from the SageMinder Senior Care Call SystemHow Senior Calls Help

We have to adopt new models of caring for seniors in the home if we are to address the healthcare needs that will come with the increasing elderly population.

Seniors are the fastest growing segment of the population in the United States. Current estimates show that between now and 2050, the percentage of people who are over 65 will more than double from 8% of us now to 17%. For the most elderly seniors, that increase is even sharper from 1.9 percent of the total population to 4.3 by 2050.

With legislators and politicians changing the healthcare system, it appears that something is being done. But, the real challenge facing our country is more radical than tinkering with how we pay for healthcare. The real challenge will be to find ways to take better care of each other and ourselves – placing more of the responsibility for healthcare in the patient and not the system or the doctor.

“The next major advance in the health of the American people

will be determined by what the individual is willing to do for himself.”

-John Knowles, Former President of the Rockefeller Foundation

The SageMinder Senior Care Call System

SageMinder Care Calls are one tool designed to help people help themselves. It is affordable and is managed by an informal family caregiver rather than a physician. The family caregiver is an often overlooked major provider of care in this country. Few technologies exist that are especially designed to help this important group.

The SageMinder Care Call System was developed to encourage caregivers to start using automated tools to help them help their aging parents. It works a lot like more expensive home monitoring systems that home health nurses may use to help a patient remember to take medications and provide a “daily touch” to ensure that the person is okay through the day. The difference is – in the home health situation, there is only a limited amount of time that insurance will pay for a nurse to use a monitoring system like this. And the equipment is costly and sometimes cumbersome.

SageMinder Uses the senior’s regular telephone or a cell phone. An elderly person does not need to learn to use a new piece of equipment or technology and yet, essentially the same information is communicated and gathered. The reporting then goes directly to a family caregiver by text message or email in almost real time after each Care Call – thus ensuring some check-in function.

The verbal automated call is actually designed to be interactive. So, the dialogs will drill down based on the senior’s answers to previous questions if needed. That data is also reported back to the family caregiver. For instance, if the senior answers that she is not taking her medication – it will ask why?. That information – like whether she can’t find her pills or has run out of her prescription – will be given in the text notification to the family caregiver.

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Benefits of Senior Calls

Care Calls are essentially a way to offer peace of mind for busy caregivers and perform another function. Rather than nagging a person yourself to take medications – this system actually removes the personal struggle of these types of prompts and makes possible a greater sense of independence for the elderly person. When caregivers and seniors do meet up then, they can talk about more important things like grandchildren rather than “did you take your medication?”
For Seniors, our users have reported feeling a greater sense of independence using this system rather than having the adult child call every day. Seniors also have been shown to have better medication adherence with similar medication reminder tools in research studies. Better medication adherence means better health outcomes and less unnecessary hospitalizations and early admission to skilled nursing facilities.

Overall, the Care Call program is set up for the future challenges of helping people to help themselves. SageMinder also offers other caregiver tools in the MySage Portal.

Essentially, the elderly call service is able to call your senior loved one when you cannot. Many caregivers work and also have dependent children making it very hard to juggle everything. Rather than costly services that can be out of most people’s reach, the SageMinder Care Call system is also very affordable. Some states may even be able to offer vouchers to those caring for someone at home to offset the costs. Check with your local Area Agency on Aging to see if there are caregiver support programs in your area.

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